FUS RO DAH! is the seventh Ask Orange video aired January 18, 2013 which is a boomerang made of boogers.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -7- FUS RO DAH!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -7- FUS RO DAH!

Questions Edit

  1. Q) VideoGameLover229 - Hey Orange, have you ever driven a car?
    A) Unless if Getting an Accident by Jumping off the Cliff
  2. Q) Kiwi2760 - Can you squirt a pepper into Pear's eye?
    A) Yes
  3. Q) SterMan8787 - What happened to cheese?
    A) Carried Away By a Big Breeze
  4. Q) MrNonolp - Can you say "Hi, Noah!"?
    A) I Suppose So
  5. Q) Oridom66 - Hey Orange, what rhymes with "life" and it is the opposite of a spoon?
    A) Fife
  6. Q) Anima Dread - Orange, what school do you go to?
    A) Los Angeles University of Annoying Arts
  7. Q) echoboys - Orange, do you miss apple?
    A) No, Not Exactly
  8. Q) pinehillslvr - Orange, I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later.
    A) That's a Racist Answer
  9. Q) tusken56studios - Can you do "FUS RO DAH!" on Pear?
    A) I'm Afraid That's a Yes, But That's a Bad Idea to Let Pear Fall off the Counter
  10. Q) 665supersniper - I look up to you. Is that a bad thing?
    A) Not Really Even Midget Apple
  11. Q) glttrgrl - How long is your tough?
    A) Forever
  12. Q) freddo6412 - Can one of my comments be on your show?
    A) Yes-sir-ee
  13. Q) Omair Rehman - Hey Orange, why you laugh so much?
    A) A Flashback of a Car Falling off the Cliff
  14. Q) #1PearFan - Hey Orange, why would anyone want a boomerang made of boogers?
    A) Because it's Gross and Land on Something Difficult

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