Fart Ship is the sixth Ask Orange video aired November 16, 2012 for Orange's music video and Pear getting trapped inside the tan machine.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -6- Fart Ship!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -6- Fart Ship!

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  1. Q) kingman1245 - Can Marshmallow have some Zoom?
    A) Yes
  2. Q) Emily Ellis - Make a song called "Fart Ships".
    A) Avoid Slipping
  3. Q) suomisoldier32 - What is the most annoyingest thing you've ever done?
    A) Out of Sync
  4. Q) TateMaster74 - What would Pear look like with a tan?
    A) If Spitting a Seed and Trapping Inside the Tan-O-Matic Machine Might Work With Five Or Ten (Tan) Minutes
  5. Q) uxie126 - You know Marshmallow is a boy, don't you Orange? No one please destroy the camera!
    A) If You Spit Another Seed at the Screen
  6. Q) Xx00Elizabeth00xX - What do you think of my imaginary friend's name? It's Billy Bob Junior the Third.
    A) Also Known As: Billy B. Junior III
  7. Q) Beccapige - Hey Orange, will Marshmallow cuddle with me and my hamster?
    A) Yes
  8. Q) lpsarecool1 - Does Marshmallow like chipmunks?
    A) Not Really
  9. Q) yuricka37 - What happened to Bacon?
    A) Eaten by Orange
  10. Q) 3ddymc - Hey Orange, can you motorboat for ten minutes?
    A) Unless if Orange will See the Video During This Question
  11. Q) mastergamer1091 - Where is Shoehorn?
    A) Kicked in the Groin by Leprechaun
  12. Q) Patrick02926 - What would you do if you met Bigfoot?
    A) Smell Like CheddarWurst
  13. Q) WhenAsiansRise - Hey Orange, Knock Knock...
    A) Silence
  14. Q) DarkSciencez - Shaken or stirred?
    A) Both
  15. Q) randyransco1 - Will you do any more animated videos?
    A) Yes
  16. Q) friday13thkiller - Dear Orange, truth or Pear?
    A) Pick Truth and Not Pear

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