Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -33- FIDGET SPINNER OF DOOM!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -33- FIDGET SPINNER OF DOOM!

Fidget Spinner of Doom is the thirty-third Ask Orange video, which is doomed for fidget spinners and aired August 25, 2017.

Questions Edit

  1. Q) Aziz Azizoo - Hey Orange, do you have a fidget spinner?
    A) I Do
  2. Q) Master alex Games - RAINING MONEY
    A) Raining 50 Cens
  3. Q) Saba Aptsiauri - Orange, can you fly?
    A) Unless You're Farting
  4. Q) Samantha Geidel - 1 like, 1 kitten
    A) Unless It's a Joke
  5. Q) Bentley Harrell - grarl
    A) Blarp
  6. Q) Emily Mitchell - Lakeland
    A) Snoozelplat
  7. Q) Von Seran - can ay punh ciberlingket
    A) Shrimp ribby bun bun whizzy (burp)
  8. Q) Libby Vidrine - afy1eggvqivfe ifvadhfifgqjgwh
    A) Gurble gurble gobble (mumbles)
  9. Q) paper folds - Orange, why are you so cool?
    A) Locked in the Freezer
  10. Q) Kronixel YT - Orange, can you annoy Pear 10 times? This is gonna be unPEARable!!! Get it?
    A) If That Joke is Lame
  11. Q) Jin/xuanpei Lang - Where do the vampires go to open his savings account? Answer: The Blood Bank
    A) Racist Question
  12. Q) Carson Millar - Say 1,000,000 bad words.
    A) Still Racist
  13. Q) Cole Clifford - We still don't know is Marshmallow is a boy or a girl.
    A) A Reboot From Ask Orange #20
  14. Q) Leotha Berry - Become Mario and fart.
    A) Gross Answer
  15. Q) Hideyuki Monda - Can you use a MIDGET spinner? Get it? MIDGET spinner?
    A) If You Push Pear Off


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