Foodslosion:Halloween Edition is the Season 5,Episode 62 from the Annoying Orange.


  1. EpisodeNumber= 237
  2. EpisodeNumber2= 62
  3. Title= Foodsplosion:Halloween Edition
  4. Written By= Spencer Grove
  5. Produced & Edited By= Aaron Massey
  6. Animated By= Michael Wingate
  7. Original airdate= October 21, 2013
  8. ShortSummary= Orange presents you a new Foodsplosion...of Halloween!, guest star being Country Pumpkin.In the end, Country gets sawed in half by a chainsw maniac, like any other Foodsplosion.
  9. Viewers (in millions)= 60,653
  10. Next Episode= The Dining

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