Making a Perfect Snowball is a HOW2 video aired January 4, 2017 when Pear wants to learn how to make snowballs but Orange keeps copying the number of steps during the video.

HOW2- How to Make the Perfect Snowball!02:14

HOW2- How to Make the Perfect Snowball!

Number of Steps Edit

  1. Step 1: Find perfect packing snow. (Pear)
  2. Step 2: Do not listen to Orange, ever. (Orange)
  3. Step 3: Finally something sensible coming out of your mouth! (Orange)
  4. Step 4: What? (Orange)
  5. Step 5: These aren't steps. And stop copying what I say! (Orange)
  6. Step 6: Aaaaauuuaaooooaaaugggh! (Orange)
  7. Step 7: Make your snowball as round as possible. (Pear)
  8. Step 8: Grow arms so you can actually throw stuff (if they are armless) (Orange)
  9. Step 9: Would you stop? (Orange)

Transcript Edit

Other Languages Edit

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