My name is orange

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March 25, 2013

Orange gets mold, and is told by Dr. Bannannas he has 24 hours exact to live. Hearing this, he decides to make up for each and every wrong he has done to the group. Pear has too long of a list so Orange doesn't make up for anything, Marshmallow explains Orange never did a thing, Midget Apple has 1 thing: don't call him Midget Apple, Grandpa Lemon falls asleep and tells Orange to stop waking him up, and Orange misunderstands Passion. The last fruit is Apple who wants Orange to apologize for calling Knife but Orange thinks he was doing Apple a favor. Apple is angry that even in death, Orange won't say sorry and pushes him off the fruit cart and onto a cheese grader which scrapes off his mold. During the credits Nerville is hosting Orange's funeral only to get a letter that he will live.