Once in a Blew Moon is the fifth Ask Orange video aired June 15, 2012 and a new episode on Cartoon Network.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -5- Once in a Blew Moon!03:01

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -5- Once in a Blew Moon!

Questions Edit

  1. Q) Sabrionrocks - What happened to the 50 Calaber Kitchen Cannon?
    A) On the counter
  2. Q) axelhydra - Will you destroy the moon?
    A) No
  3. Q) MrsuperBDaman - What do you think is the cutest animal?
    A) Alligator
  4. Q) RetechDragonflame - Hey Orange, what's your best joke?
    A) Unable to answer
  5. Q) ITellMySecret - What's your favorite sport?
    A) Motorboat
  6. Q) rere12596 - What's it like being an orange?
    A) Very Appealing
  7. Q) lps2hip - Hey, are we cool?
    A) Cool as Ice
  8. Q) TotallyTaylor567 - Why are you so annoying?
    A) Making a Spectacle of Yourself
  9. Q) AwsomeHotDog101 - What happened to my lunch? I bet Squash can answer this.
    A) If You're a Lunch Bag
  10. Q) jrox303 - What's your favorite video you've made so far?
    A) Zoom
  11. Q) Lorenz R Campaña - Can I axe you a question?
    A) If an Ax Will Chop an Apple
  12. Q) Joyascorrea - I have a question for Marshmallow. I like unicorns. Yay!
    A) Honest Answer
  13. Q) skyskyladybug - Say "Hi, Skyler".
    A) Good Answer
  14. Q) Lkilla1997 - I just ate an entire midget apple. It was a little snack.
    A) Racist Answer
  15. Q) giladpa - What happened to dog biscuit?
    A) A Driver's License for a Parallel Bark
  16. Q) offsnake101 - Are you still going to make YouTube videos while you do your TV show?
    A) True Answer

Transcript Edit

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