Orange is a Brony is the ninth Ask Orange video aired November 15, 2013 for burping out your name.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -9- Orange Is A Brony?

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -9- Orange Is A Brony?

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  1. Q) MCEeveeReaper - Dear Orange, is Marshmallow a boy or a girl for heaven's sake?
    A) A boy
  2. Q) Nadim Minhas - In Looney Tunes, is Tweety a boy or a girl?
    A yellow bird
  3. Q) Suchit Kamar - I bet you can't burp your name.
    A) Unless if you do the intro
  4. Q) Firecannon Ball - Hey Orange, if you had $100, what would you do?
    A) Make it Rain and Make Dinner
  5. Q) Pinkie Pie - Hey Orange, are you a brony?
    A) Not a Good Answer
  6. Q) Coleman Rutherford - Can you say "Coleman is Awesome!"?
    A) Unless if it's an Ear Rape video
  7. Q) huntercoolguy - Hey Orange, will you play "Batman Arkham Organs"?
    A) Gross
  8. Q) craig monkman - Why does Pear hate Shocktober?
    A) Watch Flashbacks to See
  9. Q) Miriam Ghaly - Why are dog?
    A) That's a Hurtful Answer
  10. Q) Sarah Mace - I demand not to be featured on Ask Orange #9.
    A) Never
  11. Q) Lab Leah - I lost my chocolate bar. Can Squash help?
    A) Yes if You Got Cocoa Butt
  12. Q) DarkMewtwo120 - The bad piggies plot revenge and steal all the water balloons from the world and destroy the water balloons factory so you have to repair the water balloons factories and kill the bad piggies to get all the water balloons back and happy again yay.
    A) That Question is Too Long
  13. Q) Magnolia Lioness - Hey Orange, I love your show especially when it involves music videos. Do you think you could put your top songs on your CD?
    A) Maybe
  14. Q) Vivian Huynh - Misfortune of Need needs its own channel.
    A) Unless if You're Marshmallow
  15. Q) Angel Garcia - Do you like to be a nightmare?
    A) A Nightmare About a Chainsaw In Bed

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