Peach is a recurring character on the show The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange.


Peach is rarely on the show but she does appear in various episodes. She first appeared in Fruit Plane. Peach can  be described as Passion's best friend, whom she has sleepovers with. Peach is shown to have a lot of advice on teenagers, and once told Passion boys love it when you bully them, in a result she made a big mess. Peach says anything that is on her mind, and always tells Orange that she wants him to grow up and leave the kitchen, or just leave everyone alone. Sometimes she confuses Passion, like the time she said to try to get rid of Maria a friend of Orange, but later she told Passion she didn't mean kill her, she meant try to make her leave. Peach is the leader of her girl  group, and always goes too far when ever it's up to her to make decisions. Usually she plans smart plans, but sometimes goes overboard.

Trivia Edit

  • In Fruit Plane, when Orange asks her to switch seats with Pear, she responds by saying that she would "love" to sit next to Orange, hinting that she might have a crush on him.