The Dining is a Annoying Orange Season 5,Episode 63 episode. It is a parody of the horror movie The Shining.


  1. EpisodeNumber= 238
  2. EpisodeNumber2= 63
  3. Title= The Dining
  4. Written By= Spencer Grove
  5. Produced By= Daneboe,Spencer Grove,Bob "Bobjenz" Jennings, Aaron Massey
  6. Animated By=Steve Zurita
  7. Original airdate= October 25, 2013
  8. ShortSummary= While taking care of a maize's creepy hotel, strange phenomena atarts to happen in the dining:

|#Monday: Orange annoys Pear by throwing him a toy version of himself while hearing a song that sings "All work and no play make a jack a dull". |#Tuesday: Midget Apple rides his three-wheeler in the hallway of the hotel, and encounters the creepy Pop Twins, chanting "Come play with us, Midget Apple", and when he closes his eyes, begging for them to go, they are only sticks! |#Wednesday: Pear finds Midget Apple sleeping in a wall with red writing. It says: Red Rum, which Pear thinks it's murder backwards. But It turns out a bottle named "Red Rum" wrote it. Because he has a attitude problem and he doesn't want a brainbuster. Then Pear says why he is here, and Red Rum says he's a ghost and if they see him, they are insane (Orange and Pear) and after he disappears, both Orange and Pear scream. |#Thursday: Pear and Midget Apple find a picture where they appear The Maize, the Twin Pops, Red Pop, the Kool-Aid Man, and then on the background, themselves! Then Orange breaks a door with an ax, and Pear and Midget Apple scream, as it while Orange say "What?It was an ax-cident! Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! |#Friday: Pear and Midget Apple are still being chased by a maniac Orange and when they think he's gone, they get trapped by him! Then the Kool-Aid Man appears but the elevator makes him crack, and his liquid goes flooding everywhere, and Orange says "Hey, not Kool Man, not kool!",and while he laughs of his joke, he gets drowned by Kool-Aid everywhere.

                                                   In conclusion, Pear tells this story to Green Apple, and when Midget Apple says he feels like Orange is here, then comes a Kool-Aided Orange, and everybody laughs at Orange, and then Orange says "Ax!" and an ax comes and slices Green Apple.
  1. Viewers (in millions)= 7,914
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