Top 5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Homework is a Season 5,Episode 50 episode of the Annoying Ornge.


  1. EpisodeNumber= 224
  2. EpisodeNumber2= 50
  3. Title= Top 5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Homework
  4. Written By= Luke Barats
  5. Edited By= Matt Sklar
  6. Animated By= Michael Wingate
  7. Original airdate= September 9, 2013
  8. ShortSummary= Orange shows you 5 ways to get out of you homework. Here is how to:
  9. .When There's A Why, There's a Way                                                                    
  10. .Invent A Time Machine
  11. .Stand Up To The Man
  12. .Fake Amnesia
  13. .Find A Hungry Dog
  14. Viewers (in millions)= 411,424
  15. Next Episode:Instagraham

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